Highrise is a super simple CRM tool, built by 37signals/Basecamp and launched on March 20, 2007. It’s grown to become a multi-million dollar business with a strong, loyal customer base. In August 2014, Highrise left the nest, and was spun-off as its own company — a very welcome change for the people that use Highrise, as our customers now have their own dedicated development and support team.

Why we work on Highrise

Our relationships with our customers aren’t what they used to be. We used to run stores, and exchange real cash for goods and services. We knew our customers faces, their significant others, if they had kids, even what kind of pizza they liked. They became our friends.

I remember when my father ran a golf course pro-shop and I worked there for many years. Our customers came in through a door, often happy to be done with work so they could play this game of theirs, or sad because they just played this game of theirs. We served them coffee and hot dogs, and chatted about their lives. We knew who was retired. We knew who were the firefighters and let them play for free. Some of our customers even had our personal phone numbers so when the teenage version of me, slept too long past 4am to open the place, they knew who to call.

But today, most of us work with our customers simply and always over email. If we’re lucky we get an occasional phone call or short in-person meeting, but most of the time it’s quick, easily forgettable bursts of text. Our understanding of our customers’ emotions is replaced with the rare emoticon. What do they really care about? We have no idea.

We work on Highrise to try and capture just a little bit of what we lost from those relationships. We work on Highrise to create more meaningful interactions with those around us: with our customers, with our employees, even with our friends.

We work on Highrise to get back that feeling that someone just walked through our door.

What we have to say

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How we do support at Highrise

Meet the Highrise team

These are the people that make Highrise, support our customers, and work to improve it every day.

Nathan Kontny, CEO

Software engineer and designer for 15 years. Began an entrepreneurial career with two Y Combinator backed startups: Inkling in 2005 and Draft in 2011. Some of the best ways to get to know Nathan are by following him on Medium, Twitter, or YouTube.

Chris Gallo, Customer Support

Chris knows how to communicate and help others. You’ll likely hear from him if you need help with Highrise. Get to know him more from his writing on Medium.

Michael Dwan, CTO

Michael is a Y Combinator alum and the engineer behind creating an awesome photo application called Snapjoy which was quickly acquired by Dropbox. Follow him on Twitter and GitHub.

Lynette Kontny, COO

You’ll see Lynette’s work all over Highrise. She makes sure our entire team is on the same page and keeps our focus on the right things. It's because of Lynette that Highrise is announcing new improvements every few weeks.

Jon Phenow, Software Engineer

Jon has focused much of his software career within web development. Recently he's dabbled in building mobile apps and created supporting services for more complex software architectures. He cares about producing quality products and how best to deliver those to people. Jon hails from Minneapolis, MN, which you can tell by the tattoo on his arm. Catch his writing on Medium or give him a follow on Twitter.

Alison Groves, Customer Support

Alison loves chatting with customers and helping them. She has tons of experience working with Zapier, Raven Tools, and Lee Ann Womack. Alison has a unique insight on the world outside of support as well as in it. Follow her on Twitter.

Ryan Brunner, Software Engineer

Ryan has worked in web development for 15 years, mostly for marketing SaaS companies like SharedInsights, Eloqua, and Influitive, as well as teaching new developers through HackerYou and Ladies Learning Code. Follow him on Twitter.

Want to work with us? When we have a position open, you'll find it on WeWorkRemotely.com. And even if we don't have an opening we'd love to hear from you if you're passionate about Highrise. Email us at jointheteam@highrisehq.com with the subject "Highrise!".